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We're on our phones all day, returning that text from mom, checking fantasy football scores and deleting all those pesky store emails we don't remember signing up for, but it's about time we use our phones for what they're made for: human conversations. If you don’t want 2014 to be a repeat of 2010, it’s time to pick up that phone and make a call to make sure working people in critical states turn out to vote in this election. Read more >>>

In a powerful speech given at the Missouri AFL-CIO Convention, national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka took time to address the shooting of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown and the issues of race and class the shooting reignited in the national conversation. Trumka emphasized that racism is still a significant issue that we face not only as a country, but as a labor movement. He noted that both Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Brown, and Lesley McSpadden, Brown's mother, are union members. Read more >>>

~ Congratulations to all of the winners of the SD AFL-CIO Gun Raffle ~

The winners will recieve a call from the SD AFL-CIO with further instructions following each days drawings. 

The Gun Calendar can be viewed under Month of Guns - Gun Raffle tab found on the main page left column, then scroll down and click read more.

Click read more to view daily winners!

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Training Up Down Under

In 2012, the Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA) and Australia’s Plumbing Trades Employees Union (PTEU) entered into a unique affiliation agreement to combat global climate change by sharing industry best practices, particularly around alternate forms of energy generation, such as biofuels and geothermal technology. The affiliation allows for joint skills training and employment initiatives in the United States, Canada and Australia. Read the full article>>>

It's pretty frustrating seeing all the headlines that claim the economy is alive and kicking. Sure, there is economic growth and a steady increase in jobs, but what kind of jobs are we talking about exactly? Well, they aren't the kind of jobs we think of first when it comes to steady, middle-class jobs. No big surprise here, low-wage service sector jobs like those in the fast-food industry are seeing the biggest gains. Bryce Covert at The New Republic has a nice summary of what America's workers are up against when it comes to wages. Read more >>>

When President Barack Obama first announced his candidacy for president, he said: “I am running in this race because of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called ‘the fierce urgency of now.’ Because I believe that there’s such a thing as being too late. And that hour is almost upon us.” Like Dr. King, our president was calling on America to make real the promises of our democracy. That fierce urgency of now is here for thousands of refugee children from Central America. I know many of these kids’ stories because it is my story, too. Read more >>>

Month of Guns September 2014 Rules

• Month of Guns Raffle – September 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014

• Tickets will sell for $20.00 each or 6 for $100.00 (printed on ticket)

• The daily winners will be posted on the South Dakota AFL-CIO’s website

• Winners must pass a background check to receive a firearm. If the background check is denied, the winner will receive cash/gift card in the amount of the gun price drawn for that day.

• Each ticket holder has an opportunity to win 30 guns. When a ticket is drawn as a winner that ticket will go back in for the remaining drawings.

• If the winner cannot pick up the gun at a Cabela’s the SD AFL-CIO will pay the transfer fee to another dealer and any shipping/handling costs.

• PLEASE BE ADVISED: The guns shown on the calendar are the selected prizes but cannot be guaranteed based on availability. If a gun is still unavailable at the time of the drawing the winner can elect to wait until that particular gun is available or may select a different gun of equal msrp value printed on the calendar for that days drawing.


Please make sure the individual buying the ticket(s) puts their phone number on the stub. (Needed for verification when/if they win) Thank you for helping with our fundraiser! If you have any questions, please contact the SD AFL-CIO at 605-339-7284.

Click read more to view the Gun Calendar!

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The South Dakota State Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO is the state federation of labor representing over 8,000 members of 154 unions throughout South Dakota. The mission of the South Dakota State Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO is to improve the lives of working families—to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our state and the nation.


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