The Immortality of Richard L Trumka

Today the South Dakota working class mourns the passing of our brother and Comrade, National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. 
Rich proved every day that while theory and discussion were good, actions reign supreme.
When union leader and former president of Brasil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was imprisoned by the right wing government of Brasil, not only did President Trumka call for his release, he visited him in his prison cell. 
When union leader and former President of Bolivia Evo Morales was ousted in a fascist coup, President Trumka condemned the military interference in the election process and said " Morales reduced widespread poverty and fought for the inclusion of the indigenous majority" 
President Trumka, at nearly every opportunity chose the more difficult but more principled path. 
He proved his commitment to building labor infrastructure by investing in the growth and development of State Federations and Central Labor Councils. 
He proved his commitment to making sure young workers are represented by appointing me to the National State Federation, Central Labor Council Advisory Committee when I was 27 years old. 
And as the political forces in Washington changed and shifted around him, his positions were clear and resolute:
Every person has the right to a job. 
One job should be enough.
Every person has the right to healthcare housing and education 
Global capitalism and democracy are incompatible.
Black lives matter. 
These are the values working class people all around the world will pick up and continue fighting for.
We will live our lives understanding that theory is good, but actions reign Supreme. 
We will choose the more difficult but principled path every time. 
Our solidarity will flow across all borders and will not be impeded by prison walls or blockades. 
And through our actions, Richard Trumka will live forever. 
All power to the working class
- Kooper Caraway