Sioux Falls Workers Condemn SD Legislature

The Sioux Falls Trades & Labor Assembly, the local branch of the AFL-CIO, condemns the resolution passed on 1/22/18 in the South Dakota Legislature in favor of so-called “Right to Work” policies proposed by Sen. Bolin (R.Canton). The AFL-CIO is the largest Labor Federation in the United States and maintains over 500 State Labor Federations and Central Labor Councils across the nation, representing more than 13 million working men and women. 

With one of the shortest legislative sessions in the U.S. the South Dakota Legislature has precious little time to attend to the business of the government. Each day of the legislative session is very important to the average South Dakotan. Yet instead of spending their time today addressing the needs of regular South Dakotans, they chose to spend time championing the single most harmful piece of legislation ever passed by the South Dakota Legislature. Instead of working towards economic security for working people in South Dakota, they chose to pat themselves on the back for over seven decades of corruption in favor of the richest of the rich and at the expense of South Dakota’s working families. 

Duwayne Wholleber, South Dakota Labor Federation President said, “Once again the legislature has time to condemn labor but never enough time to do what the people have elected them to do.” B.J. Motley, President of UFCW Local 304a and Sioux Falls AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer said,” Without unions, workers would lose many of the protections our forefathers fought and died for. We must continue to push forward and defeat the evil of right to work. Working people in South Dakota must stand tall and let the so called leaders of our great state of South Dakota know that our needs and those of our families must be a priority!” Tim Hoss, from AFSCME said, “Today’s resolution shows the legislatures’ enduring commitment to place corporate interests over the rights of working South Dakotans. This uninvited resolution is a failed attempt by the state legislature at intimidating working families wishing to democratically organize in their workplace.” 

Regardless of the actions of the South Dakota Legislature, the working people of Sioux Falls are committed to organizing to ensure workplace freedom and economic security for all working families statewide.